Its all about C-R-M!

I’m sure everyone has heard the term “CRM”, if you are the CEO or a Sales Manager. Ever knew what it really means?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps businesses for managing business relationships and information linked with them. With the help of a CRM solution, you will be able to store prospect and customer contact data, leads, accounts and sales opportunities in a central location. Today, it is being stored in the cloud as the information can be accessible by many at any time.

CRM systems are so valuable for fast-growing businesses. However, it may not elicit as much passion these days as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin but any CRM solution is built around the people and relationships.

For any business to start with, the first step is to have a great foundation of customer relationships. You need to connect with the people who requires the desired service. As your organization expands, naturally, these connections grow more urbane. It isn’t just a transaction between the seller and buyer, but you start to control innumerable connections, across the timeline, within every company that you establish business with. You will have to share lots of information across your organization team who are into establishing contacts with the same customers. Yes, a CRM solution can serve your organization better and acts as the vibrant central processing center for managing lots of connections that appears in a growing business.

Taking the case of smaller businesses, Customer Relationship Management system can easily help you transfer data into the cloud, making it accessible for everyone in real time mode, through any devices, say mobiles, tablets, notebooks etc. As your business grows, the CRM can also expand quickly for including more complex features to help groups to collaborate with customers and colleagues, acquiring insights from social network conversations, shooting up customized emails, and to get an all-inclusive image of your business real time.

In today’s business scenario, managing customer information and connections take place in different ways. Some of the organizations follow traditional Rolodex and note cards while others store data on their mobile devices on the go. Some others follow Google documents and Excel spreadsheets as well. These may help in a short span of time when your organization is small and never planning on scaling your business. But, if you are looking forward for a fast growth in your business, it is high time that you should consider implementing a CRM solution for conserving your precious data in a centralized area and to make it available through cloud technology.
Save your time on other activities and focus on relishing customers instead of letting prised information and insights fall through the gaps.

About Me: I am working as Marketing Manager for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions provider. Start experiencing Microsoft Dynamics CRM today!


One thought on “Its all about C-R-M!

  1. “Dissatisfied customers communicate with 7-10 people while a satisfied customer will recommend a company to 3-4 of their friends.” – PIMS

    The right CRM solution, keeps your business safe from “Dissatisfied customers”.


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