It isn’t business anymore, it’s going Personal!


Recently at Metadata we have been working with our customer on Real Estate Activities, marketing personalization programs and social media monitoring. These prospects have been some of the most forward thinking Real Estate organisations in the United Arab Emirates, so it is exciting to work along with them to enlighten some of the new Microsoft offerings.

But I was thinking – why isn’t more firms not taking advantage of what customers want them to do naturally? 78% of the customers need more personalized content, and over 60% want the e-commerce stores to remember their personal information when they return (Which is achieved through Preference Monitoring Tools available today) . So why aren’t we offering more?

The most important elements to success is timing and perfection and when done at the right time, the results may turn dramatic. An e-consultancy survey has reported that around 74% of the marketers saw increase in sales by an average of 19 percent and increase in Customer Engagement!

Lets start thinking beyond the basics:

When you hear the term “Personalization”, please note that it isn’t limited to website behavior and order data.

Social Media Information can be found and integrated with CRM for producing intricate user profiles and meaningful insights. How about adding more contextual data such as search terms, time of day, past orders and onsite actions done earlier? This will help you in attaining overall relevancy to individual increases!

Social networks have empowered consumers by giving them a voice in a way they’ve never had before. These platforms are always on, and the speed of feedback has raised customer expectations when engaging with brands on social networks. But it is important that social efforts are aligned with the larger brand strategy and story that’s occurring across all customer touch points.

Brands such as Marston’s are using tools like Microsoft Social Engagement to bring their marketing to an individual level by reducing customer friction, dealing with any issues in real time and ensuring return visits.

As access to information, social media, and mobility have created a new levels of expectation among customers., Companies must evolve their CRM strategies, techniques, and technologies in order to complete the single customer view and enable true personalization for the consumer.
Take It Personally

Clearly personalization can have a big impact on both your bottom line and your customer advocacy. If you aren’t taking advantage of your data to serve up relevant results, product recommendations, offers, and more, have a think whether your systems and your data are really working for you.
Get In Touch

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