Exciting Features Update in Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Spring 2015

Features Update in Dynamics CRM – Spring 2015

Changing your CRM Theme– Now the user change the Color and Logo in CRM with the new theme set up in CRM 2015 Spring Release.



Track email by folder:Folder tracking provides a new and intuitive way to track incoming email activities on any device that supports Exchange. This features allows user to manually drag and drop mails to relevant folder or Automatically set rulesĀ  and get them associated with an opportunity in CRM.

Embedded OneNote:This functionality allows user to capture notes to entities such as Lead , Account , Opportunity and tag the One note to these entities.

Social sales: Define rules for creating or updating CRM records from incoming activities. For example, you can now generate leads or opportunities from social posts.

Create Office 365 Groups:Collaborate with team members who don’t have access to CRM Online with Office 365 Groups. For example, create a group for your sales team, invite other Office 365 users to join the group, and then share documents, email, OneNote notes, and more.


  • Mobile App:With the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM for phones app the look and feel is same as Web application and also it gives flexibility on offline mode to create draft documents and later sync once connectivity is backEx

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