Parature Spring 2015 release – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Based on “Microsoft evolves its customer-centric solutions with new Parature release”, Microsoft News Center, and parature. com

About a year ago, Microsoft had acquired Parature, a cloud-based solution that helps companies to improve customer experiences through a combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel interactions.

Parature key features are the following:

Knowledge management: this management solution provides easy to create, easy to access content that can be delivered both internally to customer service representatives and across all major service channels to the customer for real-time updates and deflection of frequently asked questions.

Self-service portals: allow your organization to provide more effective and efficient customer service through more self-serve options. Parature increases the ability of customers to find the answers they need quickly, without ever having to contact a customer care representative.

Multi-channel engagement: thanks to this feature customers can reach your organization at any time in whatever way and through whatever channel is most convenient for them, whether it’s live chat, email, self-service portal, social media or mobile.

Customer retention: Parature provides your company the necessary tools to improve customer service.


These features by Parature complement the existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer-care solution with core strengths in workflow, extensibility and process-driven user experiences. This win-win collaboration between Microsoft and Parature allowed Microsoft to win important honors in the 2014 CRM Magazine Service Leader Awards and receive acknowledgements from Gartner.

On past January 7th Microsoft announced the Spring ’15 release for Parature from Microsoft, adding new important features that will empower companies to deliver self-service solutions across applications, channels and devices and allow agents to quickly understand, diagnose and resolve issues that customers may have. With this upgrade, Microsoft can offer a unified solution as Parature can now be purchased on Microsoft website along with existing Microsoft cloud services.

With this Spring ’15 release, Parature will introduce more than 30 new or upgraded features that will increase customer service productivity and proactivity of customer service and give agents even more tools to improve each customer experience.

According to Bill Patterson, senior director of customer self-service solutions at Microsoft “Parature’s Spring ’15 is the largest release in the history of Parature in terms of features and functionality. We’re incredibly excited about the capabilities we’re delivering here across all major service channels, including self-service, mobile, social, chat, portal and ticketing. Even more exciting is how Parature’s market expansion, omni-portal, multilingual and translation capabilities now enable it to be deployed in enterprises on a global scale.”

To find out more about this release, the Release Preview Guide can be accessed at:


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