Microsoft with another acquisition plan! VoloMetrix to be acquired for empowering individuals and to increase organizational productivity!


Today, small changes happening in everyone’s day to day activities can add up great value towards an organization and increased happiness amongst the employees. However, most of us don’t have the information and tools for making ourselves take better decisions during our lower resources at work: which is “time”. There are innovative solutions coming up in order to prioritize and measure our time at work. Giving individuals access to objective and real data, feedback can help in improving both individuals and their organization.

But, the difficult part about this is accessing and making sense of real time data (behavioral data) that helps in giving insights to these people. The Office Graph and Office 365 offers plenty of data and a great learning source. By binding this data – although maintaining strict privacy controls – The clients can make these personalized feedback that can help people answer the questions such as: How well can I improve my email skills for ensuring my communication to be impactful? Am I time focused depending on my work priorities? Am I well equipped with the right team and expertise to excel in my projects?

These are the kind of questions most of the people intent to ask and to the rescue, Microsoft has planned to acquire VoloMetrix, who is leader in Organizational Analytics. With this, Microsoft will be able to combine VoloMetrix’ technology and expertise with Office 365 and Delve Organizational Analytics that was announced earlier by Microsoft. The launch is expected within the next month for Delve Organizational Analytics.

The initial release of integrated O365 service is expected to happen by end of Microsoft’s Calendar year (June 2016)



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