Microsoft with yet another acquisition! This time, its the Data Protection Firm “Secure Islands”!

Microsoft is after acquisitions and acquisitions!

Microsoft has confirmed that it has bought Israel-based company called Secure Islands. As part of the deal, Microsoft will be integrating Secure Islands’ technology into Microsoft’s Azure.

We might not have heard about Secure Islands much but the company has previously worked with several giants such as Credit Suisse, Vodafone and UBS. The company offers data protection, classification, and loss prevention technologies across file types. It has been working with Microsoft for quite some time, most recently on the company’s Azure Rights Management Service.

“Throughout our journey, we’ve helped organizations achieve persistent data protection without compromising user productivity,” the team at Secure Islands wrote in a blog post. “Our solutions have enabled organizations worldwide to classify and protect data throughout its life cycle and now, by joining Microsoft, we will have the opportunity to help many more customers seamlessly protect and share their sensitive information.”

“This acquisition accelerates our ability to help customers secure their business data no matter where it is stored – across on-premises systems, Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Office 365, third-party services, and any Windows, iOS or Android device,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

As per ZEDNet report, Microsoft might have spent as much as $77.5 million on this deal. Secure Islands will be continuing to offer its services to its other customers. This acquisition of Secure Islands makes it the fifth Israeli company that the Redmond, Washington-based software giant has acquired just this year after Adallom. The other companies that Microsoft has acquired are Aorato, Equivio, and N-Trig prior.


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