Metadata chooses to play for a Tear of Joy

All of us have dreams and we work hard to get it. Had it ever occurred in your mind that those sweating men in muddy clothes, who build this city have a dream too?

Let us build their dreams while they build a beautiful place for us to live.

Most of us do not think or seldom notice the lives of the  blue-collared workers who are out there, tolling every day to build this city so that rest of us can have a good life.

The UAE’s Leading CRM company and Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Metadata Technologies is the official supporter of Smart Cup Cricket Tournament 2015, and have come forward in changing the lives of blue-collared workers in the UAE. Smart Cup Tournament, an event organized by Smart Life Foundation, an active Charity and Humanity foundation, have taken up a noble venture to mark a difference in the lives of these workers.

For past 6 years, this tournament is being conducted every year.The winning team has a cash price  of AED 15,000 and winner will be able to support their expenditure on educating their children.  Another aim of this initiative is to break the ice between the various classes of our society and to provide a common platform for collaboration and communication.

The players of each team are a mixture of professionals from  supporting Corporate companies and the blue collared workers who work on daily wages to earn their living.


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