Microsoft take the next step to acquire the popular Keyboard App Company “SwiftKey” to boost in Predictive Keyboard Features!

Microsoft is after acquisitions to expand its ecosystem. This time its the well known Mobile App Company “SwiftKey”.


Microsoft Corporation is all set to acquire the London based App Giant “SwiftKey”, which is popular for its artificial intelligence creating predictive keyboard application for smartphones! The Financial Times has reported that the deal is around $250 million. However, the figure mostly will be under that amount.

SwiftKey has raised a total of $21.59m from Index Ventures and Octopus Ventures, while Stephen Fry, renowned UK Celebrity was an early angel investor.

SwiftKey is being used by over 500 million iOS and Android users across the world. Microsoft is looking into enhancing its technology by bringing in Artificial Intelligence powered platform which can have more uses for Microsoft rather than using just keyboards. The predictive keyboard app can bring in more uses for the users.

Check out how SwiftKey Works:-



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