Voice of the Customer in MS Dynamics CRM 2016 going to be late for Middle East and India Region?


I just had a chance to go through the Preview feature of Voice of the Customer for MS Dynamics CRM 2016.

With Voice of the Customer Survey feature, we will be able to generate and send Surveys to get Customer Feedbacks about our services and products. The Surveys can be taken via mobile, tablet PCs or computer. The Feedback/Survey history can be tracked when resolving a service or sales case.

The Survey Analytics will help us to identify gaps in service, send offers to increase sales opportunities and also to run targeted Marketing Campaigns.

When the VOC feature is enabled, you can publish the Survey within MS Dynamics CRM. The Survey will be sent to Azure and stored there. When the customer responds to the Survey and submits it, the responses gets stored in the Azure Service Bus temporarily and then retrieved and stored in MS Dynamics CRM. Once the response is available in MS Dynamics CRM, the temporary data is removed from Azure.

However, the preview is only available for US Region.

Sources say that it would be available in the Asia region by mid of 2016.

Let’s wait until then!


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