Working Together For Social Cause

As humans, we all have a huge responsibility in making the world a better place and not taking things for granted.

In today’s world, it is a hard truth that most of us spend the majority of our time in dealing with our professional lives and not realize the importance of lending a helping hand to the affected, however small it may seem.

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

And for businesses, to solidify the philosophy, CSR provides the apt platform to give back to humanity.

Metadata, as a team, visited the Welfare Association Trust in Cochin, India on March 30th, 2019.

The visit opened eyes to the sight of people affected by mental and physical health issues, abandoned by family and close connections, abused and left all by one’s self.

It was a blessing to share a day’s meal with the residents. They were able to add a pinch of sweetness by slicing a delectable cake to honor their association with the WAT team.

To take it up a notch, an art and craft session was directed by one of the senior team members, Ramya wherein she guided the team to DIY beautiful origami roses. The team volunteered with the participants of the art session in creating an alluring flower out of scratch.

The residents at WAT entertained the team with sweet melodies, folk music, dance numbers, etc. With no hint of apprehension, they were jumping up and down, excitedly to perform. And all they needed, were a few visitors.

It was definitely a clear shock to see the immense talent bundled up within the four walls. Thankfully, the team also came prepared with a few performances.

The sunset created a realization that it was time to bid farewell to the hosts of the day. To treasure the moment, few snaps were clicked. However, they did not leave empty-handed. They were loaded with a handful of sweet home-grown “Java Apples”.

The moments spend were totally priceless. Taking time out of their busy lives to serve humanity is where the true spirit of love, care and empathy reflects. And that was the valuable takeaway from the day.

To quote one of the team members, “It was the most meaningful day of my life.”

In the end, it was all about smiles

Gold Certified Partner and What It Means To You!


When you’re faced with a Dynamics CRM Online Implementation, it can be a lengthy and sometimes tricky process to select an Implementation Partner. Some organizations prefer to run the projects internally and engage companies such as Metadata Technologies.  You can read about such an instance in our success stories which discusses the successful delivery of the MS Dynamics CRM Online implementation projects.

If you decide the Partner route this article is on the importance / value of utilizing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner.

While choosing a Gold certified partner is certainly not a guarantee of success, it can be a good indication that you are on the right track, this article is not to say that other Partners who do not hold a Gold Certification are not of value, rather this blog is to provide clients with clarity on what the difference is between the Gold and other.

We realize that selecting the right Dynamics CRM Online Implementation partner to entrust your project to can be challenging.  Beyond cost, you should compare factors such as project methodology, industry experience, support options and even company culture. And there are several reasons why narrowing down your list to partner with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold competency makes sense.

Here are three requirements for the Dynamics CRM Gold competency and what this means for you as a customer:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Requirements:

  1. Multiple certified professionals
  2. Customer References
  3. Revenue or Seat Count Goals
  1. Multiple certified professionals

Six individuals collectively must pass exams dealing with Dynamics CRM Customization, Configurations, Applications, Installation and Deployment for the current version. Three individuals (Minimum) each must pass a Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations exam.

What this means for you: This requirement gives you an idea of the size and scale of the Dynamics CRM partner. In order for a company to have multiple professionals who have passed exams you know you are not dealing with a small “one man shop”. Several people within the organization have the skills needed to complete your project. That means there are more people available to handle your support calls too.

  1. Customer References.

A Gold certified partner must submit five unique customer references that feature how, within the previous 12 months, they have provided solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What this means for you: The organization has a proven track record of delivering successful CRM projects with satisfied customers. Microsoft can call these customers to confirm the details of the project. This gives you an added level of trust that you are working with a company that others would recommend.

  1. Revenue or Seat Count Goals.

A Gold partner must add a minimum number of new customers and generate a minimum amount of revenue to Microsoft each year.

What this means for you: This requirement proves to you that the partner is active and productive. They are not just relying on maintenance work from customers who installed old versions several years ago. They are selling the current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and lots of it. Many other companies, who hopefully have also done their research, have chosen to purchase from them.

When tendering for new work a Gold Certification is one of his biggest selling points. It provides prospective clients a multitude of reasons to strengthen their case offering – Certified Resources, Reference-Checked Projects, proven delivery capability and sound financial background.

According to Microsoft, “A company with a Microsoft gold competency has demonstrated its capability and commitment to meet the evolving technology needs of customers through solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies”.

It is clear that Microsoft Gold Partners should be your preferred option. This article shows what exactly makes a company a Microsoft GOLD PARTNER and how you can make your CRM project a great success by selecting a Microsoft Gold partner.